Top 5 Small Loan Offers

Top 5 Small Loan Offers

You may find yourself in a situation where you do not have enough funds for things like moving or car repairs. In this case, a small loan may be suitable for you. When you receive a loan, you are applying for a certain amount of money. The lender may approve your application depending on factors such as your credit rating, debt-to-income ratio, and ability to repay a debt.

Before taking out a loan, you may want to see if you can find another way to get the money you need. You may be able to borrow money from some service like https://moneyzap.com/fast-cash/, friend or family member, take out a home equity credit, or, in some cases, a credit card. If you are looking for a good lender, there are some of the best options to choose from.


If you need to borrow from 1000 US dollars or even more, then use the services of Upstart. This peer-to-peer lending network disburses small loans with a minimum annual interest rate of 36%, and most loans are even cheaper. Registration fees range from 1% to 6% of the amount of your debt. Be sure to keep this in mind when comparing options with other small loan borrowers.

Loan terms are very long compared to other loan providers that take from 3 up to 5 years. However, there are no penalties or hidden fees. Thus, you can lower your interest costs by paying more than the required monthly payment on your debt. LendingClub platform requires a minimum credit rating of 600 to consider a small loan and you must have at least three years of credit history.


Offers loans for as little as $ 500. However, this is the smallest minimum small loan amount of any lender on our top list. If you are looking for an alternative with a lower annual interest rate, then a loan from Upgrade may be right for you. Keep in mind that the lender does not have a specified minimum credit rating. Still, the requirements for borrowers may be higher.

Upgrade’s annual rate range depends on the maturity of the small loan. For loans up to three years, the range is 7.49% to 18%, and for loans from 37 to 60 months, you will pay 14.79% to 18%.

You can find a better rate for a longer maturity of a small loan elsewhere. However, you will face relatively stringent requirements for joining a credit union. You are eligible if you are active military or veteran, and an employee or retired from the Department of Defense. Family members of any of the above groups are also eligible for getting a small loan.

Alliant Credit Union

Alliant Credit Union has an undefined minimum credit rating. The higher your credit rating, the more likely you are to get a small loan with a good rate. The lender does not charge a loan disbursement fee and late payment penalty which lowers the total cost of your loan.

In most cases, you can get small loan approval and funding on the same day giving Alliant an edge over competitors that have a slower approval process. Alliant offers some of the shortest repayment terms of any lender on our list of the best.

While you will pay more per month with a shorter maturity, you will save in the long run by paying less total interest. You can purchase debt protection of your small loan which covers death, disability, and involuntary unemployment, protecting you from unexpected events that could cause you to be unable to repay your debt. The monthly debt protection fee per $ 1,000 of outstanding small loans is $ 1.99 that seems quite reasonable to use.

Best Egg

Best Egg is one of the best small loan offers and provides the highest minimum credit rating. Best Egg offers a low minimum annual interest rate if borrowers have positive creditworthiness. About half of borrowers who choose Best Egg will receive their money the day after applying for a small loan. According to this, Best Egg can be a good option if you need urgent money.

Best Egg does not guarantee prepayment penalties as you will be charged a creation fee of 0.99% to 5.99% which is included in the annual percentage rate above. Some of our other top deals do not charge a clearance fee.

Moreover, Best Egg also has a lower maximum loan amount than most other small loan companies. The company has a customer satisfaction rate of 95% which is confirmed by its first-class reliability rating.


You can get a small loan of as little as $ 500 from Lendio. It can be very helpful if you are looking for a small amount of cash and want to avoid high annual interest rates. Lendio is available with no application, processing, or annual fees and no prepayment penalty. If you want to spread your payments over a longer period, then Lendio has the longest maximum loan maturity of any lender on our list today.

You can split your payments over seven years. This method will cut your monthly payments but generally cost you more in interest. Lendio does not provide a minimum credit rating so you will have to check with your lender to see if you are eligible. You will need to join Lendio to be eligible for a personal loan as it is relatively easy to qualify for membership. The easiest way to qualify is to join Lendio at the cost of $ 8 although you may also be eligible if you live or work in certain parts of Oregon.

With all the financing options available, trying to compare loans can seem like a daunting task. You can borrow from traditional lenders, banks or credit unions to get the best deals, or you can borrow from online lenders for lower qualification loans.

Published at Fri, 10 Dec 2021 12:48:00 +0000