Cloudbet Biggest Wins

Cloudbet Biggest Wins

Bitcoin Chaser – June 24, 2021

Cloudbet Biggest Wins

Who says winning is not everything? A great in can change a person’s life forever. Just playing that perfect card or having that roulette ball fall in just the right place, is enough to have you put your foot in some fantastic winnings or even be that life-changer you have been aiming for.

This can also be the case when it comes to Bitcoin casinos, even more so as the price of a Bitcoin is ever-changing, and you can have your money grow over time. Cloudbet has seen some phenomenal winners pass through their gaming.

Especially with Cloudbet having some of the highest limits among the Bitcoin casino doors. They also essentially cater for everyone from your seasoned player, high roller, or even your occasional player. Many slots you can start with an amount as low as 0.00005 BTC per spin – or even try them out for free before you start playing with real money.

These stories that have come through the doors, will show you that you do not need to be a high roller to be a high stacking winner.

One of the occasional sports fanatics decided to take some time to play a round of Evolution Gaming’s Extreme Texas Hold’em tables, one of the popular games among the live casinos. With luck going his way and having some amazing wins, having been dealt two suited cards but it wasn’t till the river that the Royal Flush was drawn and was handed an amazing win. He turned his start of his original EUR 3,500 into a net total winning for the round of EUR 277,500.

 Are you a Monopoly player? As Someone who knows the game knows that Mayfair and Park Lane are mostly your golden tickets to winning the game. These words came true in a live Monopoly game an extremely popular casino game where one lucky player turned his original 13 BTC into a whopping 18.93 BTC an estimated amount of $137,000.

The stories do not just end there, one of Cloudbets first Casino winners of 2019, a player from Finland managed to hit the perfect Juicy Victory on one of the Bitcoin Slots as she clocked the Multifruit81 Slot and gained herself a truly fortunate spin netting herself a perfect win of 161 BTC estimated to be valued at more than €740,000. Most would give up after such a fantastic win, but this player continued with a further lucky strike and hit another bonus of a massive 45 BTC an estimated additional win of nearly €210,000.

Having that stroke of luck is the best feeling in the world. You do not always have to focus and aim for that stroke, having that perfect game strategy can also include your chances of winning one of Cloudbet’s players went on getting a phenomenal 53BTC on their lucky stoke on the Cloudbet live Roulette, this player took full advantage of the high betting limits and to their luck strike gained an amount worth around $340 000.

There is nothing that feels as good as that thrill and build-up toward the perfect game, for it all to fall into play and gain you that perfect win that could ultimately change your life forever.

Cloudbet loves having these all-time winning stories pouring out and giving you the chance to have your hand at the win. So have your hand at some of the amazing plays that are available at Cloudbets and who know you might be one of their next featured winners.

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Published at Thu, 24 Jun 2021 10:14:28 +0000