Digitex Futures Is Going Strong in 2021 – by CoinCollector

Digitex Futures Is Going Strong in 2021 – by CoinCollector

With so much action surrounding the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) this year, naturally more and more people are interested in profiting from the volatility. Trading futures is an excellent way to do this since you can make money whether the price goes up or down–as long as you make the right call. And, if you trade on a zero-fee exchange, you get to keep all of your profit. 

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this awesome YouTube video by CoinCollector, a frequent trader from the Digitex community. He explains why he uses Digitex Futures as his platform of choice, and walks through some of the features that make it so unique. Check it out:

Zero Fees

CoinCollector says that he has used many different exchanges for trading cryptocurrency futures but that he always comes back to Digitex because of its zero-fee commission structure. On no other exchange can he actually execute the same type of aggressive scalping strategies that he can on Digitex because the fees prevent him from doing so.

He goes on to say that trading without fees will “change the game of how your trade.” If you are trading with fees, he says, you have to be more careful. Digitex lets you trade more aggressively since you can easily go in and out of trades and even enter or exit your trades at the exact same price without paying any fees. 

If you did that on any other exchange you would have to pay a “ton of fees” that would eat up any profit you would have made. “You would be shocked by how much money you can save without paying any fees,” he says.

One-Click Trading Ladder

He also loves the trading ladder interface which is still unique to the crypto space. He shows us how he manages his trades “so easily” on the new UI that was updated last month. “Trading on this exchange is something that is so easy,” he says, as he walks through placing a trade, changing the leverage, and setting a limit order.

He also says that, in the last couple of months, he has taken his account balance from 200K DGTX tokens to a whopping 3.2 million DGTX just from trading. This interface is “super intuitive and a lot of fun,” he enthuses.

The DGTX Token

CoinCollector reminds viewers that all trading on the Digitex exchange takes place in our native exchange token DGTX. So, if you want to participate in our commission-free markets, you must own DGTX tokens first. All profits and losses on the exchange are settled in DGTX, and all account balances are denominated in DGTX. Having our own token for trading on the exchange enables us to sustain a commission-free trading environment for all. You can find out more about DGTX tokenomics here.

Liquidity Mining Program

As well as allowing you to keep all your profit from gains made on the exchange, Digitex pays you to place orders via our Liquidity Mining program. This is something that no other exchange allows you to do. “You can make money by simply providing liquidity to the order book,” CoinCollector explains. 

In order to reward our traders and increase liquidity on the exchange, our system takes a snapshot every minute and pays out DGTX rewards based on how many orders you placed that were close to the spot price at that time. You can easily check your profits by selecting the “Liquidy Mining” tab in the interface. CoinCollector shows you how to do this.

Zero-Fee Spot Markets Coming Soon

Coming very soon to Digitex are the zero-fee spot markets, which will be “very very cool.” This major upgrade will allow you to buy and sell your DGTX directly on the exchange without having to use another platform. You can start trading easier and sell quicker so that you are not exposed to the volatility of the token. 

“I think this will bring some new dynamics to the token,” he says. “This is the main thing that’s missing, it will be cool because you can quickly sell DGTX to USDC and avoid volatility, or you can choose to hold DGTX if you think the price may go up. It’s up to you.”

Wrapping It Up

CoinCollector says that he’s very bullish on the outlook for Digitex for the rest of the year. He points out that in-house trading bots are coming soon to make it even easier to set up a trading bot and maximize your rewards from liquidity mining–and that a DGTX Staking program is also on the roadmap and should be very popular.

He concludes by saying that you will notice how much easier it is to make profit than on other exchanges. “The potential for Digtex is very very huge given how the overall market is riding right now… What better thing to do than to put your trading volume to work on a zero fee exchange?”

A big thank you to CoinCollector for taking the time to make this awesome video. We’re glad to hear that you’re enjoying trading on the platform–and making spectacular gains to boot!

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Published at Thu, 08 Apr 2021 18:14:28 +0000