Dora Cake Swap Ready to Launch a Top DEX Exchange & Swapping Mechanism

Dora Cake Swap Ready to Launch a Top DEX Exchange & Swapping Mechanism

In a development which many people have not been aware of, Dora Cake Swap is set to launch the next generation of decentralized exchange, based on the Binance Smart Contract.  According to its website, the exchange will probably register the highest daily trading volumes within the next few months.



There are several reasons why Dora Cake Swap will register very high trading volumes. First, since Dora Cake Swap exists on the Binance blockchain, many people will prefer it because of low transaction fees.  In fact, Binance gas fees are the lowest in the industry. Yet, its main competitors like ethereum and bitcoin have exorbitant transaction fees.

As a result, the trading fees on Dora Cake Swap will be comparatively low, attracting many users to the exchange.

Second, as the next generation of crypto exchange, Dora Cake Swap has outstanding offerings and features.   For instance, the exchange will not use order books to facilitate trades or in setting prices.  In contrast, it uses liquidity pool protocols to determine prices of the cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Another interesting feature is the peer –to-peer nature of the exchange, where there is swapping of the tokens or coins. Put differently,   Dora Cake Swap executes trades between users’ wallets, without taking custody of their assets. Therefore, the users maintain 100% ownership of their cryptocurrencies.

The Trading process

As a Binance chain based decentralized trading protocol, which offers automated liquidity provision, Dora Cake Swap supports secure and near instant exchange among Bep20 tokens.  Not surprisingly,  it has a big incentive for market makers as they get service fees without surrendering any commissions.

Listing on PancakeSwap 

While the staking of Doracakeswap has already begun with 120% APR, it is getting listed on Pancakeswap on 15th June. You may find project information below: 

  • Project name- Doracakeswap 
  • DORACake Smart Contract – 0x6283a457ed38e21ef9eaa72a08574dbe95c632a1
  • 20 Million tokens are locked. Click here to view 
  • 10 Million tokens for burn
  • 20 Millions tokens available for supply


In summary, Dora Cake Swap offers a highly rated cryptocurrency exchange, built on top class blockchain – Binance Smart Contract (BSC).  Definitely users would like the idea of maintaining 100% custody of their digital assets, yet benefiting greatly from low transaction fees.

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Published at Sat, 12 Jun 2021 10:30:00 +0000